Becoming a family!

When our grandparents or parents wanted to have children, family planning was much more of a priority and it often took place early on in a relationship. However, times have changed and couples are deciding to have children much later in their relationship. This change has resulted in many couples struggling with infertility. But what are the reasons for this change?

A woman’s average age of pregnancy has risen considerably because of wider possibilities for contraception. Professional success and the wish for financial security before having a baby is nowadays ranked a lot more important than it once was.

There are several possible reasons for infertility. A couple may have hormone problems, or the woman may have experienced changes of her fallopian tubes or uterus. Often sperm is affected, which can also be the reason for not getting pregnant. Only a few years ago, there were fewer possibilities to deal with these kinds of problems. But progress and modern medicine has made it possible for many couples, who thought that they would never be able to conceive, have children.

Not only the sperm, the egg cells and the hormones are important in our clinic. We also take great care of you, the couple. For each of our patients, our experienced medical staff will develop an individual treatment programme, in order to achieve the best chance of pregnancy. With our special treatments, pregnancy can become reality for you.

In our ‘Kinderwunschzentrum’ clinic in Münster we offer you the latest treatments to help you have a baby. Founded in 1990, this is the first centre of its kind in Münster with the ability to treat childless couples. As the clinic has developed and grown, we have also added diagnosis and therapy programmes to our services, both for male and female endocrine disruptions, as well as a health care centre for invasive techniques of reproductive medicine. Furthermore, you can opt for a human genetic diagnosis together with a consultation if there are sperm abnormalities, recurring miscarriages or known genetic defects.

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